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Countdown to the 100th Anniversary of the Eruption of Lassen Peak

May 22, 2015

​On May 22, 1915, an explosive eruption at Lassen Peak, the southernmost active volcano in the Cascade Range, devastated nearby areas and rained volcanic ash as far away as 200 miles to the east. This explosion was the most powerful in a 1914-17 series of eruptions that were the last to occur in the Cascades before the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens. Lassen Peak is the largest of a group of more than 30 volcanic domes erupted over the past 300,000 years in Lassen Volcanic National Park.”
Honoring this event 100 years later is the vision of Lassen-Feather River History Month this coming May.

SnowShoe Walks

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Saturday and Sundays, January 3 through April 5, 2015
Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center | 1:30 pm

Ranger-led snowshoe walks are an excellent way to learn or practice snowshoeing techniques and explore Lassen in its winter form. Route and distance varies depending on group ability and fitness. At the beginning of each snowshoe walk, a ranger will demonstrate how to put on snowshoes and how to move around. Once the basic techniques are covered, the group heads out into the snow and the adventure begins! Snowshoes are provided, a $1 donation is requested to cover maintenance costs. Reservations are required for organized groups, but not for families or individuals. Walks are open to those eight years of age and older; children in carriers are not allowed due to safety concerns.


Gain a new perspective. Experience the unique shops and boutiques of our area. Treat yourself to the friendly and experienced staff and owners of a variety shops including specialty gifts, home decor, original art, clothing, jewelry, antiques, books, jewelry, gourmet and organic foods, kitchen ware, toys, log furniture, local knits and hand-dyed yarn.


Spend your weekend or vacation on our mountian and take advantage of the hospitality provided by the Lodging providers of Lake Almanor, Chester, Canyon Dam and Indian Valley.


Shanghai Shindig

March 28

Sat. 28, Shanghai Shindig & Talent Show, Indian Valley Community Center, 209 Crescent Street, Greenville, CA. 6:00 p.m. 530.284.7385​

Lassen-feather river history month

May 1 - May 31

History Tours & Treasures!
Set your sights on the month of May for an explosive amount of learning and fun!  Make plans to visit our communities.  Each weekend will be filled with activities, tours and events extending from Lassen Volcanic National Park through these communities of  Feather River country: Chester, Westwood, Greenville, Crescent Mills & Taylorsville.
What are some of the things to do & see in May?
A 1940’s Night at a Museum • Historical Walking Tours  • USGS Lecture Series  • History Presentations • Scavenger Hunts • Tour of Devastated Area from Lassen Peak Eruptions • Century Bike Ride  • Children’s History & Geology Activities  •  Craft Fair  •  Vehicle Free Day at Lassen Park • Nature Walks  •  Museum Displays Honoring over 200 years of Logging, Ranching, Mining & Maidu Indian History • Gem Display • USGS Lecture Series • Art Shows  • Dances, Games and much, much more.   


Event Calendar

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